Boaters In Louisiana Spot Incredibly Rare Pink Dolphin

6 years ago
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All of Mother Nature’s creatures are amazing and incredible in their own way, but every once in awhile something extraordinary come out that leaves scientists and laymen with their mouths hanging open in awe.

Such is the case of the bottlenose dolphin spotted in the brackish waters of Lake Calcasieu in Louisiana. Boaters spotted the individual that stood out of the rest of the pod because of the color of its skin - the aquatic mammal sported a vibrant shade of pink, dubbing him Pinkie accordingly.

The chance to spot a dolphin in the wild is spectacular in its own right, but the incredible individual seen swimming and breaching with its pod of grey bottlenose dolphins made for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these boaters because if its incredible skin color and people have snapped photos and videos of it instantly.

It has also caught the attention of scientists, who are interested in its pink coloring. The general theory is that it’s albino, but it’s an especially bright pink. Maybe it just got very lucky.

Albinism is a naturally occurring phenomenon in all of the animal kingdom. Characterized as a lack of pigment, can affect any species of animal, and the results are often striking. However, animals with albinism often face challenges because they can’t camouflage as well, which makes both hunting and evading predators harder.

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