RSPCA Heroes Rescue Pony And Her Foal

Published October 14, 2016 364,991 Plays

Rumble / Heroic AnimalsRSPCA inspectors rescue a mare and her foal from the approaching tide on the Loughor Estuary marshland in Gower, South Wales. What a great deed they accomplished, they are definitely heroes! The mare had gotten her back hoof stuck in her mane. The hoof was all tangled up in her hair and her leg was completely bent in an awkward angle because of this. Poor girl. Carefully, the RSPCA inspectors were able to get her leg out of her mane, thank goodness!

Once the pony's leg is free, she doesn't get up right away. Her leg must be very tender from being stuck in that awkward position. Who knows how long she was stuck like that for. As the foal approaches her, she slowly starts to get up but she stumbles. She is still very weak. With a couple more tries, she is able to get up, awesome! The mare and her foal walk off together, appreciating every little thing these RSPCA inspectors did for them!

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Credit: Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)