Baby Boy Got Confused By Dad's Lack Of Beard

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Published: October 13, 2016

Babies can have the funniest reaction to the smallest of things! This baby got seriously confused when a stranger walked into the room claiming to be his dad! Little does the baby know that it is his dad, but just without the usual beard!

“Come here, Stevie” yells this stranger to the baby, to which he only receives a “huh?” back. The kid looks back and forth between this man and mom with her camera. The man says “come here” to Stevie and the baby lifts his arms up, but the face of astonishment does not leave his adorable features.

“He’s fine” says dad. “What’s up?”

Baby’s mouth drops wide with realization: “Holy moly, my dad changed faces! How did he do that? Is it like a super power?”

Mom and dad are having a field trip with the baby’s reactions and so are we! We have seen a lot of these videos, but we have not seen a kid react like this before! That is priceless! He'll get used to dad's new look in no time!

Another handsome dad has been growing his bushy beard for some time and that is the only dad his little girl has ever known. But even dads need a break from their grooming habits, so this one decided to go from a lumberjack beard to a stylish goatee, to let his face breathe for a while.

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