Brave TV - July 24, 2023 - Joe Biden to Step Down from Office - My Meeting with Steve Kirsch - Jeffrey Prather on Human Trafficking

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Steve Kirsch, myself and over a dozen of my colleagues met with Steve Kirsch to discuss childhood vaccines and autism.

Steve had a call with over a dozen doctors, all colleagues of Dr. Jason Dean.
While they asked not to reveal who said what for fear of retribution, I will summarize some of the most astonishing statements that were made in the call today.
The key points:
Unvaccinated kids are uniformly much healthier than vaccinated kids.
Vaccines cause autism, SIDS, and other chronic diseases. Several doctors noted that all or nearly all of their autism cases were linked to the MMR vaccine. In another case, a police investigator who was assigned SIDS cases over 7 years noted that 75% happened within 48 hours of a vaccine (approximately 300 cases total).
It is possible, in some cases, to reverse autism. The most successful reversals to back to nearly normal occur when the child is treated soon after the injury and the parents are committed to the treatment protocol.

Jeffrey Prather joins me to discuss his experiences with human trafficking.

When asked about the success of the movie Sound of Freedom, Major Jeffrey Prather says as someone who has done the heartbreaking work of child rescue, he is excited to see the veil finally lifted on this demonic worldwide industry adding "The Deep State Dark Economy is completely based on 3 things: Weapons, Drugs, and Trafficking People. It must be stopped."

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