Ripped away from his family, Billy's journey from death row to freedom

Published October 11, 2016 907 Views

Rumble / Heroic AnimalsAnimal Control showed up one day at the Lowe property and violently seized 5 pet dogs. Darted and dragged into the truck, these dogs suffered for over 90 days in isolation waiting to be euthanized.
Billy is one of the "Tampa 5" dogs and member of the Lowe family who was forced (against local law) to surrender their dogs to animal control. The dogs were accused of biting a person who trespassed onto the private, properly gated and posted property. Billy and the other 4 dogs endured 3 months of isolation at the local shelter while their family fought for their rights. In August of 2015, the dogs were legally declared safe to be released from the shelter.
Months before, Mr. Lowe suffered a severe stroke and was hospitalized, never to return home. His family made the decision to find loving homes for all of Mr. Lowe's dogs. Six of the family dogs (4 of the Tampa 5) are with a South Florida rescue who is medically caring for them and dedicated to finding them homes.
Billy was fortunate enough to quickly find his forever home and will be a companion dog for a retired Vietnam veteran.

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