Stray Dog Helps Her Rescuers Find Her Surviving Puppy

Published October 10, 2016 126,525 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThe Streets of Los Angeles are overflowing with stray dogs, left to fend for their own selves. Many of those strays are in terrible shape of worse, and most of them aren’t spayed or neutered, which in turn results in even more stray dogs, roaming the streets.

Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization, received a call that one such homeless pup was in dire straits and living in a nursery. Rescuers Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo reported on the scene, to find a gray dog, which was wagging her tail but didn’t trust the human enough to approach them, so she hid under a car.

When the rescuers came closer to the scared puppy, she was still wagging her tail but wouldn’t go near them. Since she was almost inaccessible, they had to take drastic measure and grab her by the hind legs to pull her from under the car, kicking and screaming. Eventually she calmed down enough for them to put a leash on her and give her a pretty name, Petunia.

They noticed she was lactating, so they let mom Petunia lead them to her litter, where they found only one puppy, just two days old. The puppy was also a girl, so they named her Petals.

Both mom and baby were taken really good care of and placed in a foster home, waiting to be adopted!

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