Skydivers Soar Above 360 Degree Double Rainbow

Published October 9, 2016 68,244 Views

Nature holds a great deal of wonders and we are slowly but surely beginning to understand the science behind them. But, no matter how much we explain the logic behind the rainbow in the sky, we still don’t register it as nothing other than the most mesmerising sight in the world.

If we deconstruct the science behind this multicolored circular arc, we would learn that it has everything to do with reflection, refraction and dispersion of the light in the water droplets in the sky. What this means is that the light beam that enters the droplet first changes its direction, then gets reflected in the back of the droplet and gets refracted once again in the process of leaving it. This process allows us to see all of those beautiful colors which start with the red one at the highest part of the arc, and a violet one at the bottom. The rainbow usually appears at the opposite side of where the sun comes. It can appear as a semicircle, <a href=”” target=”_blank”>multiple semicircles</a> which have an inverted order of colors and even a full circle, which is exactly what we’re looking at in this amazing footage.

While <a href=”” target=”_blank”>skydiving</a> at 16,000 feet in New Zealand's Bay of Islands, these lucky adventurers witness a stunning double rainbow in the form of a 360 degree circle. Although it is not impossible, what are the odds of ever encountering one? Have you ever seen one? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below.

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