Bald Eagle Refuses To Move On Road. Officers Get Closer, Then Take Swift Action

rumblestaff Published October 6, 2016 491 Plays

Rumble / Trending NewsAuthorities in a Florida city blocked two lanes of a busy road to protect an injured bald eagle that ended up stranded in traffic. The eagle was eventually taken away for treatment and will be cared for by Owl's Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife.

When drivers in the town of Clearwater, Florida found themselves face-to-face with this bald eagle, you could say they were shock of the sight. After trying to shoo the beautiful bird off of the busy roadways, the police were called in to handle the situation.

The team of officers decide to shut down the road until volunteers from the Owl's Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife came to help the animal. After a careful inspection, the volunteers determined that the eagle might have been hit by a car, after it came down on the road to snack on some food. His right wing was injured.

Thankfully, the injured bird pulled though the surgery and is in the process of healing. The Clearwater Police Department took to Facebook a second time to share the good news about their feathered friend.

Bald eagles are a protected species in America and are finally on the rebound after abundant pesticide use crippled the population. Thanks to the swift actions of the police department, this beautiful bird was able to overcome its injuries.

Credit to 'Clearwater Police Department'.