Cat Welcomes New Foster Puppy, Immediately Befriends Him In The Most Adorable Way

Published October 5, 2016 240,528 Views

When you have pets, you would like to think that you have the last say in the household. We are sorry to disappoint you, but you are gravely mistaken. Our furbabies are the ones running this show! And why wouldn't they? Unlike us, poor human, animals can sense whether or not someone is a good and kind soul. So when your cat or dog actually wants to be around a person, you better take their advice!

When this family brought a foster puppy into their home, they made sure to check out what Kushi, their Russian Blue cat had to say about it. Kushi is strongly convinced that this puppy is a good puppy, so she showers her with all the love and affection she can muster. Don't believe us? Just watch the clip.

According to Kushi's owners, the cat actually feels this way with all the foster doggies and kitties that come to stay with her. That is so sweet!

If you are in the lookout for a pet, consider fostering or adopting. There are literally hundreds of abandoned pets staying with shelters and rescue organizations around the country! So give one of those animals a chance and you will feel better yourself.

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