Microchip Implants Help Reunite Lost Dogs With Owners

HopeForPaws Published October 4, 2016 140,572 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesKind citizen Allison Dunbar noticed a dog hiding underneath a car which was parked on the side of a busy street and decided to give Hope For Paws a call in order for their team to come to the rescue.

She tried to get the dog out but the pooch was so scared. Allison was afraid that the dog might feel threatened and chased by her, that she may run out from her hiding place and into the busy street.

She When the man from Hope For Paws arrived at the scene, he started throwing small pieces of food at the dog, but the scared dog wasn’t interested in the food. Upon the failed attempt to lure the dog with food, the man decided to enclose the car by putting up a fence around the vehicle, preventing the scared dog to run out on the busy street. The fencing and netting helped keep the dog in place, limiting her moves.

Next, they proceeded with their mission by placing a Lucky leash on this tiny dog’s neck and using it to guide the pooch out from its hiding place. It was the soothing voice and the gentle touch of her rescuer that encouraged this dog to come out of the dark hiding place and walk into the light. The man was petting and soothing the dog with his sweet voice. Moments later, the pooch even got the nerve to get into this man’s lap. Amazing!

The man checked the dog for a microchip. When he heard the beep sound he immediately knew that she is domesticated. This enabled him to call this dog’s owners and inform them that they found her! Using the microchip information they were able to call her dad, Dave, who informed them that her name was Luna.

It was four days earlier that Dave had been walking Luna and her brother when a car sped through a crosswalk and struck her brother. Though her brother wasn’t badly injured, in all the chaos Luna slipped out of her collar and ran away. Dave had been searching for her ever since.


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