Ten Massive Prehistoric Animals That Could Eat You In A Bite

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Published: October 4, 2016

Join us as we countdown ten massive prehistoric animals, from elephant-sized sloths to giant flightless birds that could have swallowed you whole. Watching this video is guaranteed to make you feel tiny and insignificant!

Little is known about the Andrewsarchus, a massive carnivore found in 1923 in Inner-Mongolia. It’s shaped like a massive wolf and weighs an astonishing 2,000 pounds. Given its very large jaws, it could have hunted enormous prey and bitten through the shells of massive prehistoric turtles.

The Short Faced Bear, also called Arctodus, weighed about 2,000 pounds and was up to 15 feet long, making it larger than polar bears. Inhabiting what is now North America, these huge beasts were most likely big meat eaters, consuming nearly 35 lbs of flesh per day to survive. However, many scientists believe that these enormous creatures may have used their size to intimidate and scare smaller animals away from their kills, moving in to steal their meal.

Basilosaurus, is another massive prehistoric animal which is part of a genus of early whales that existed some 40 to 34 million years ago. When first discovered it was thought to be some kind of giant reptile, however is was later classified as a marine mammal. Basilosaurus is not the biggest whale to have ever lived, that honor goes to the still-present Blue Whale which weighs up to 200 tons.

Dire Wolves are a carnivorous mammal that went extinct around 10,000 years ago. They are roughly the same height as a modern grey wolf but had a much heavier build. The Dire Wolf’s bite-force would have been more than double the strength of a grey wolf which they would use to hold down their prey, ripping flesh from bone.

The largest species of apes ever to exist were not the size of the fabled King Kong, but they did stand nearly ten feet tall and weighed around 1,200 pounds. The enormous beast by the name of Gigantopithecus would have easily had the size and strength to rip your face clean off their diet mainly consisted of seeds, fruits and other fibrous flora. Some scientists speculate that these creatures walked on two feet like we do and so many believe that some have survived deep in forests and jungles, giving rise to the ‘Yeti’ and ‘Bigfoot’ legends.

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