Barbara O'Neill (Australia): How to Detox Fungus and Yeast Infection! [27 juli 2016]

11 months ago

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In this video Barbara O'Neill, a qualified naturopath and nutritionist, shares her knowledge about how to cure a yeast infection.

Barbara is an international speaker on natural self-healing.

She has raised eight children and is a specialist in women and children's is also the health director of the successful Misty Mountain Health Retreat, located in the Macleay Valley west of Kempsey, between Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie.

Barbara is passionate about good health and natural healing.

She believes in giving the body optimum conditions in order for it to heal itself.

Barbara is happy to communicate via email should you seek her advice in health matters.

If you would like a phone consultation with Barbara, you can arrange this by contacting the office at Misty Mountain on (02) 6567 2221 or visit Misty Mountain Health Retreat to find out more about Barbara and our detox programs

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