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Welcome to Yeshaya Dinerstein’s 1-on-1 Photography Instruction School!

Groups of up to 5 people

Daily workshops on a large spectrum of different types of photography

Photography daytrips and tours in Israel

Weekend photography training programs

Photography Styles:

1. Portrait photography

2. Street photography.

3. Water landscape photography.

4. Religious photography

5. Sunsets and sunrises photography

6. Flowers photography

7. Silhouettes photography

8. Photography of buildings and architerture

9. Landscape photography

10. Animals photography

11. Sports photography

11. Handling raw Photoshop files

12. Night photography

13. Fashion and Beauty

14. Introductory workshop on working with the camera

Looking forward to teaching you photography from the heart, with an emphasis on nurturing

friendly, and accessible instructor-student dialogue that welcomes questions and comments

based on professionalism, patience and understanding.

Affordable prices, discounts when your friends joins

You’re welcomed to call me at: 054-7485909

For international calls: 972-547485909

Find me on Facebook @

Join my Facebook group here: @

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unique photography community that fosters collaboration and rewards creativity.

We’d like to thank:

Sfomto Productions—action videos, clips, and viral ads

Natali Arbiv—stage direction, production, and photography

Shay Malul—video editing

Monica Umgureanu—model

Makeup—Meirav Ifrach

Narration— Tali Birenberg


Neta Shavili

Shlomi Elinson

Thank you,

Photography Instruction by Yeshaya Dinerstein