Happy Huskies Enjoy Snack Time With Owner

Published October 4, 2016 7,691 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave we every said how much we love Huskies? How can we not love them! They are so sweet, fluffy, adorable, extremely talkative and can sometimes get on your last nerve with their antics and the way they defend their actions (loudly, if we may add!), not to mention how they can be too stubborn for their own good...but in the end, they come and cuddle with you and everything naughty they did fades away.

Despite their devilish ways, Huskies are actually pretty good listeners and learners, able to learn a bunch of tricks just for the sake of pleasing their owner. And you know what comes when the owner is pleased? That is right, the owner brings treats, and boy oh boy, do we like treats!

These two fluff balls have earned their day's share of treats by listening to their owner's cues and complying. They can say hello, climb on the chair and sit politely down, after which they are each given a treat for what they have learned. He might be spoiling them, but at least they bond in a very unique way and every dog will defend their owner forever, simply because he brings delicious treats!


  • debdeb, 2 years ago

    Beautiful dogs!

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