This Kid Can Solve A Rubik’s Cube With His Feet

dthoresenPublished: October 3, 2016Updated: October 4, 2016105,398 views
Published: October 3, 2016Updated: October 4, 2016

There are so many video tutorials on how to solve a Rubik’s cube, but most people can solve only one side after spending some time with the cube. While some of us still struggle to solve this cube, a boy from Arizona, United States is so clever that he can solve it with his bare feet. You can watch this amazing moment happening on the video he uploaded on YouTube.

Luke Thoreson, sitting alongside his younger brother explains why he decided to make this awesome video. Earlier that week, Adventure Gaming HQ have posted a video about the game Minecraft, which Luke is a big fan of and he rushed to comment on it. Later in his own video he said ‘I am doing it because I said so and because Adventure Gaming HQ replied to my comment’. He also said that his trusty brother will make sure everyone knows that he won’t cheat.

It took him less than 6 minutes to solve the Rubik’s cube with his feet for his favorite you-tuber AGHQ. It was pretty impressive! Luke said that his personal best score was 37 seconds, but using his hands. This video has gone viral in such a short time and people around the world are showing him a lot of support via comments.

Solving a Rubik's cube using ONLY your feet is not a piece of cake, but this kid somehow manages to do it! How crazy is that, right?

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