Tiny Kitten Found By Caring Samaritan In Cardboard Box

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Rumble / Cats & KittensTrash to treasure – these words perfectly describe the life of this kitten who was abandoned like trash and someone found it and treasured this little soul’s life. Oh how life can turn its wheel of fortune and things turn a hundred and eighty degrees and the wind of faith will flow exactly toward the opposite direction.

Statistics show that in the United States alone, more than three million cats are given to animal shelters annually. If that is not a shocking figure, note that about one million and four hundred thousand cats are annually euthanized. Yes, euthanized! This is the sad and not only ugly but horrible truth. These figures tell us an undeniable conclusion – millions of cats are homeless and many suffer the death sentence for whatever reason it is, and it is not reasonable. They are living organisms just like us, humans.

There are many shelters that accept unwanted and abandoned cats; there are organizations that are actively working for the welfare of pets but it seems that the need for more shelters, groups, organizations and people who will treat this concern seriously is very much in demand. The numbers speaks for themselves – can you imagine 1.4 million cats being euthanized in the United States alone? So, what could the figure be if the stats cover the entire world? What figure will it be if there is available data for cats killed or those cats placed somewhere with the intention of abandoning it because the owner do not want them anymore?

The kitten in the video will melt the hearts of everyone who will watch it. Some may be angry because they are frustrated why someone would just abandon an innocent kitten in a box like a piece of trash. Others may be touched because at one point in their lives, they have done the same to a hapless soul.

If everyone is a responsible pet owner, perhaps, the incidences of untoward treatment to cats will drastically be reduced. Once you decide to get a pet, have the conviction to handle whatever is necessary to take care of such pet. Learn more to know what to expect. It feels so nice to have a cat. Watching or looking at the video or picture of the cat, one may not be able to stop the urge of wanting to own such a cat. But, wait! Owning a cat comes with lots of responsibilities. It would be a selfish act to get a cat and have the pleasure of owning one without giving this cat the treatment every living organism deserves. Before owning a cat, please note that they proliferate fast. So, if you are not ready to take care of a family of cats, consider your options and weigh these options well before getting a cat.

Cats are lovely, cute and very sweet. Imagine ending the day with so much stress but your pet will come and show unfathomable affection – all your negative energiy will evaporate into thin air for sure. Love them back and they will love you even more!

Indeed, all cats deserve good life!

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