A Baby Being Tickled Gets The Last Laugh On His Parents

7 years ago

From the time that the internet has been around, viral videos have dominated it. These video range from epic fails, to cute and cuddly animals. However, one of the biggest types of video that dominated the internet was ones involving small kids or babies! There is just something about the adorable, little children that we find it so entertaining to watch! Maybe it is the fact that they are so innocent and do not what is going on half the time, that we really like about them. It seems that one such video was created here in this clip.

How ticklish are you? Well this adorable baby boy is very very ticklish! This mom thinks that she's got the last laugh in this tickling match, but little does she know that the baby is about to unleash his secret weapon! Beware of the silent but deadly baby fart!

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