How To Clean Your Spray Paint Nozzles For Easier Painting

Published September 29, 2016 65,798 Views

Rumble / Life HacksIf you are an avid spray painter, then you probably have come to a point where the nozzle on your spray can starts spitting and not spraying evenly. You might have thought about dumping the can with heavy hearts, especially if this happened to you when you just started the can and there still a whole bunch of paint in it.

Brad Angove is here to show you a few simple tricks to salvage your nozzles and your nerves. Whether you use a spray can with old style nozzle and the new style, this trick will help you evade those pesky problems that happen with spray paint.

The most usual issue that happens with spray paint is the nozzle spurting and spitting out paint instead of mist. If this is the case, then your nozzle is probably clogged. Both the old and the new style nozzles have a maintenance principle that will prevent this from happening.

With the old style nozzle, you have to turn the can upside down and press until you only get clear gas coming out, clearing the nozzle from any paint left inside. With the new style nozzle, this isn’t going to help you, so after you are finished with it, use a little turpentine to clear up the opening of the nozzle or just wipe it clean with a rag and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Another thing that you can do that is absolutely low maintenance is to keep all your nozzles after you have emptied the can; just clean them up and put them in a container somewhere. When a nozzle gets too clogged up to clean, just replace it with the spare ones you’ve collected!

Hope these tips helped! Happy painting!