Baxter The Dog's Heartwarming Story Will Melt Your Heart

rumblestaffPublished: September 29, 2016Updated: October 3, 2016217,423 views
Published: September 29, 2016Updated: October 3, 2016

Every abandoned dog has a terrible backstory that moves people to tears; some might even be sobbing. Horrible stories of abuse and neglect fill the cages of shelters with animal so bruised and scarred from previous experiences, that rehabilitation them to learn to trust humankind can be a tough and lengthy process.

One such heartbreaking story is Baxter’s. The tiny Pomeranian was discovered unconscious at his previous owners house. The person beat him up so bad because he “had a few accidents on the carpets and chewed a couple of pairs of shoes". When the little doggie came to from his recovery, he was walking crooked and wobbling on his legs, because all that brutal beating left him with brain damage.

Plenty of love and care from the good people at the Nebraska Humane Society made Baxter trust people again, but people didn’t want Baxter because of the way he walked. Kids were asking the volunteers if he would ever walk straight again.

Baxter doesn’t recognize his difference from the other dogs and instead embraces the fact that he is alive and well. The only thing that he will need is a little bit more love, compassion and help from his new owners in his forever home! That’s not so bad, now, is it?

Be sure to visit your local shelter so that you, too, can give an abandoned pet a new and better life!

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