North Carolina Train Graveyard

Published September 28, 2016 1,336 Views

North Carolina Train Graveyard.
A ‘graveyard’ of more than 70 trains from all over the United States in a forest in North Carolina.The trains, once filled with people, now sit decaying on winding tracks stretching through the snowy forest, infusing visitors with a certain apocalyptic feel.
Among the many abandoned trains are a passenger train from Philadelphia and several disused subway cars. There is also a cracked and broken New York street bus.

There had to be 78 or so different cars all connected, some in better condition than others, while some were completely rusted out and it was almost as if we could fall through the floors at any moment.
Piles of leaves and dirt fill the compartments and one carriage's red paint, now faded and covered in rust, offers a stark contrast to the snowy landscape in North Carolina.

The trains are from big cities such as New York City and Philadelphia, but have been left to rot in this unusual graveyard.