WOOFpov Free-Ranging

WooFDriverPublished: September 28, 201615 views
Published: September 28, 2016

Filmed from one of my WooFPack (Dogs) wearing a camera on a 5 Mile free-ranging adventure!! See how he explores, interacts with his pack mates (3 others) rests, drinks, races, and so much more!! I am WooFDiver and have been doing extreme Dog adventures for 20 plus years now, you won't see anything like what I do anywhere else! I have documented this in over 20 websites and much social media: www.WoofsBook.com - I have pioneered many Dog activities and ways of documenting them including what you are seeing here....as any one can mount a camera to a Dog's collar but it will shake and be for the most part not well viewable. With this way I have pioneered the camera is almost perfectly balanced and therfore it looks like the Dog is purposely filming and you can really enjoy and learn from his or her perspective!! So much more to come, stay tuned!!

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