Sixteen Swimming Golden Retrievers Follow Owner’s Lead

7 years ago

Among other things, people love to show off with their pets. They are treated as stars, as cute toy creatures that give one joy, or even ugly, but ridiculously funny pets. Pets are, and this is a fact, one of the top-5 keyword searches on the Internet. And rightly so, because the stories they appear in have the capacity to put a smile on your face and definitely make your day. This is why we decided to share this video of a bunch of Goldies taking a swim at the nearby river. So, drop everything, grab your precious cop of coffee and enjoy!

A heartwarming video has emerged featuring a pack of sixteen Golden Retrievers going for a swim in the local river. Check out the incredible moment when they jump in unison, following owner’s lead into the water. Cuteness overload!

A man from Samut Songkhram in Thailand took the challenge of making swimming even better. Every time he goes for a swim in the local river, he is joined by his sixteen Golden Retriever pups! Can you imagine over a dozen pups jumping in the river in unison, swimming next to each other, together with the owner, from one side of the river bank to the other? And they bark in unison too!

We cannot help but wonder what truly motivates these dogs to go after their owner in such a panic rush, but one thing is for sure, they don’t want to lose his sight! Golden Retrievers are very loyal and protective of their owners, so we think that maybe they think that their owner is drowning and that is why they are in such a rush to help him out of harm’s way. Incredible!

On the other hand, maybe they want to compete for their owner’s love and attention, so when they are in the water, it all comes down to who can swim better and faster, in order to get to the owner. The same old rule applies here, the swimmers are in the front, while the losers are in the back and they bark with envy! Whatever the reason, this is truly a sight to see for all lovers of this noble breed.

Swimming is a fun activity for everyone, the cooling effect of the water, the sheer serenity of it, you either love it or you have it and we certainly love it!

Swimming can be scary, but take it from these pooches and pups, all you need is a helping hand to get started, then everyone can join in on the fun. Swimming is for everyone. It’s a classic sport and a communal pastime. It can be scary when you initially start learning how to swim, but with a few tips and tricks, and support, you too can join in on the fun. Take it from these pooches, it’s certainly as easy as it looks! You need to risk it for the biscuit!

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