Joyful Doggy Attacks Owner With Sweat Hugs And Kisses

Published September 26, 2016 142,803 Views $195.28 earned

Rumble As they say, dogs are man's best friend. Their loyalty, love and companionship is unlimited. Dog owners usually tend to have trouble with their new puppy at first with getting it potty trained, and possibly teaching it not to bark every time the door bell rings or even late at night for no reason. But aside these hiccups, dogs are truly fun and loving. Sometimes to the extent where they might need "too much" love.

So it has been a very long day and this puppy is just too excited to see her owner come back from work. We can clearly see the tensions have risen since the owner last left. This doggy has been on her toes worrying where her owner has gone and when is she to expect his return. She has been pacing around the house all day worrying and discussing with herself as to where the problem is. Is she the reason her owner has left or for god's sake what's going on. Her worry has also made her pee the floor several times.

However, once her owner returns from a long day's work, she just cannot manage to sit still. Her love just spills through the roof. This one-year-old dog, Peanut, was adopted from a shelter and has fallen in love with her new family. And now she cannot even imagine a life away from them.