Curious Kitten Is Flabbergasted With Drinking Straw

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Published: September 25, 2016Updated: September 26, 2016

They say “curiosity killed the cat”, but that is not the case with this here video! As curiosity is a healthy way of learning, this little kitten finds out what a straw is for!

A three-month-old British shorthair investigates a straw sticking out of an energy drink. Since there's a picture of a tiger on the can, maybe she thinks she'll become one if she takes a sip! Her mom, Tibbie, helps her examine the very suspicious straw more closely.

The kitten is already perched up on the coffee table, sniffing and investigating the curious looking and smelling object. She tries to whack at the straw, but it keeps moving away. She tries licking it, but it tastes mighty foul, so the clever little kitty forgoes the taste test as well.

The fizziness of the drink inside the can makes the plastic tube go up and down, further tickling our heroine’s curiosity. But by this time, her mom is also curious to see what is this object that her baby is so fascinated with. So she jumps from her cosy little nook on the couch, where she lay for the last several minutes, keeping a close eye on the cub, gives the straw a good, deep whiff, bites it and pulls it out.

Now that the toy has been inspected by dear mommy, the little kitty can play with it to her heart’s content.

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