Cat Gets Swarmed By Adorable Puppies, Reacts In The Cutest Possible Way

Published September 22, 2016 114,309 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsFor the time that the internet has been around, animal videos have dominated the internet. There is just something about the cute and cuddly creatures that make us fall in love with them and find them so entertaining. It seems that one such adorable moment was created in this funny clip right here with this cat!

This has got to be the most patient cat of all time! This mama cat has all the patience in the world as she is literally hounded by a giant litter of energetic puppies! This is the purrfect moodboost that you've been looking for all day long! Get ready for some serious cuteness!

Doesn't your heart just melt after watching this clip? Looks like the classic stereotype of cats and dogs not liking each other was only a myth as it seems that these animals in this clip like each other a whole lot!

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  • Docping, 3 years ago

    That cat may be patient but also probably very lazy. Look how fat he/she is.

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  • tjames35, 1 year ago

    Don't scold her at the end for being a good cat

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