Clever Dog Makes His Own Water Fountain

Charlenew13Published: September 21, 2016Updated: September 22, 2016157,515 views
Published: September 21, 2016Updated: September 22, 2016

You just got to get creative when the heat wave strikes. Water evaporates from you like from the kettle, even though you keep rehydrating. You need something fresh and cool to help you reduce the temperature, because you might burst any moment…

We hope this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise to you, but we humans aren’t the only one’s who can get creative in the summer. Even animals like to get cooled off, like splashing into a pond in the back yard, or maybe discovering a summer hack that will treat them with an endless amount of fresh, cold water.

For example, Remo the Bully here likes his water fresh out of the hose. After his owners put the hose in the pool they noticed their puppy was interested in it. What happens next totally shocked them. Remo figured out how to get the hose out and make himself a water fountain.

The Bull knows where the true treasure lies and it’s down on the bottom of the pool. Lacking opposable thumbs, the pooch grabs the hose with its mouth and drags it out side. Patience is a virtue here, because that hose is mighty long! Eventually, the hose is completely out of the water and into Remo’s thirsty mouth! That's one clever Bully!

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