5 Basic Money Rules You Can Live By Forever

Clark Published September 20, 2016 21,411 Plays

Rumble If there is one thing people constantly talk about, it’s money. Mind you, this is nothing new. Whether it’s in the form of banknotes, coins, precious metals or even bitcoins, society constantly finds a way to trade them in order to gain something new. Unfortunately for us, money isn’t a juicy fruit that grows on a tree. You definitely need to learn how to grow them, but amassing wealth takes a lot of effort, a lot of time and a lot of rethinking before you decide to spend a cent.

Luckily for you, Clark.com has decided to spare some common cents with you to teach you how to manage your money.

There are a few things you should do when you start to earn money, and one of them is to get in the mindset that the best way to start saving money is to start yesterday. The first step is a no brainer, really. Start spending less than what you earn. This goes out to all of you, not just the ones earning the big bucks. It’s Math 101. If you suddenly stumble upon $2, and you decide to buy a bag of your favorite chocolate bars that costs $3, you will be left with -1 dollar. That’s right, you’ll be in debt, and we don’t want that. So make a plan, and start using a bit less than what you earn as a paycheck.

The other tip when saving money is to come up with a spending strategy by making a plan for your budget. You would want to know where each dollar you own goes, and try to steer it towards your ultimate goal. Remember, find the reason why you want to save money, plan your money between paychecks and track every single cent.

If you’re already in debt because of previous faux pas, don’t fret, there is a plan for that too. Just start saving money to repay the debts with the highest interest and slowly work your way to the debts with the lowest interest rate. Once you pay off one debt remember that you should not close your account.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, you should start saving money yesterday. There is no better time to start saving some money so start doing it now. Just imagine that in a few days’ time, you’ll have saved up more money if you started today, rather than tomorrow or in a year or so. If you don’t start now, there might never come a better opportunity to fatten up your bank account. The longer the money sits in savings, the more it grows.

Another valuable advice is to make your savings automatic. As they say, out of sight, out of mind. Decide on a sum that will go straight into your savings once a deposit arrives to your account and this way, you’ll forget they even exist and won’t start concocting plans to use them up. So what are you waiting for? Get saving today!

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