Six ways to know your DOG LOVES you

Published September 19, 2016 1 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDoes my dog love me? How to know if my dog loves me? Six ways to know your dog loves you! In this Show Hassan will answer all those question for you.

First sign:

Your dog follows you everywhere. Specially if it is not food time. Your Dog knows that you are the source of food so they will follow you at food time but if it is not food time so your dog defiantly love you.

Your DOG sleeps beside YOU. While there is some opinions say it is not a good thing but it is defiantly a strong sign. So if you don’t allow your dog in your bed room or don’t allow him on your bed. You will still see that sign when he comes to sleep beside you when your sitting down or sleep in the same room you are in.

Your Dog is happy when you come back home. Dog are programmed to live in packs or in groups in another word, but if your dog loves you he will definitely react with much more excitement to you coming back home.

Takes something belongs to you. Every-now and then your dog will take something belongs to you to there bed and that is defiantly a sign that they love you.

Your Dog licks you. While there is many reasons for why do dogs lick you. One of them is because they love you specially when they lick you your face.

And reason number six is they come and cuddle or snuggle into you after food. When your dog do that after food and they are not hungry any more. You can be sure that he do that because he or she is interested in you and your love and nothing else.

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So here you go you have the six reasons. let US know your personal experience with your dogs in the comments below and off course if you have a different Opinion share it with us and I will join the discussion Shortly as usual.

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