Needy Cat Jealous Of Computer Mouse Wants Owner’s Hand Just For Herself

Published September 19, 2016 403,545 Views

Rumble / Cats & KittensA funny video has emerged of a needy cat clutching its four paws around owner’s hand, not allowing him to use the computer mouse as if she is making it clear that only she is allowed to play with it!

This needy cat was desperately seeking attention, so when owner seemed to ignore her and trying to do some work on the computer, the feline got jealous of the computer mouse and decided to take the matter into her own paws. Literally!

Watch as this affectionate cat uses owner’s hand as a toy, wrapping its paws around it like a tick, not allowing owner to use the mouse. Have you ever seen a cat this jealous of a computer mouse before? There is first time for everything!

Footage shows owner’s hand trying to reach the computer mouse sitting on a desk, while the needy pet is trying to distract his attention from the boring machine, and trying to initiate play. The feline had some other plans for how they will spend their evening and is not giving up until she succeeds.

The tenacious cat won’t let go of owner’s hand, she has clutched its paws around it, hugging it tightly so that owner won’t shake it off! The cat rubs its head against owner’s hand, gently biting as part of her needy and playful behavior.

Maybe the feline was bored and wanted to catch owner’s attention by initiating play, however her needy behavior is counterproductive for owner’s job. Too funny!