Angry Man Thinks He's Getting Laughed At (Dashcam)

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Published: September 17, 2016

Info From Licensor: "I stopped to purchase a cabin air filter for my vehicle. When I parked I noticed the man next to me was not having the best day cursing under his breath while working in his engine compartment. I noticed his alternator on the intake manifold.

I went into the store and completed my business and came back to the vehicle and got in. I handed my wife the air filter and asked her to install it. She has been interested in learning more about vehicle maintenance. She looked at the box that did not come with any directions and a somewhat confusing picture on to top that almost looked like it could be directions. She interpreted it as having to disassemble the dashboard, which made me chuckle. For some reason the man directed his anger at us and began to assault us.

Both of our windows were down when the man became irate. My wife had some trouble locking the door, but did manage to get the window up before he got very close to her side of the truck. I was very worried that he was going to escalate the situation and we would have to take action to defend ourselves. Lucky for us though it never did. We left the scene and could hear him yelling for quite some time."
Location: Golden, CO, USA
Occurrence Date: September 11, 2016

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