6 years ago

Owners Confront Their Canine Pets For The Messes They've Made

We love our dogs to bit and they reciprocate the best way they can. They wag their tails whenever they see us approaching, they beg for chin scratches and belly rubs and get mad when they don’t get what they have been asking for. Dogs may be clever in a way that they can understand certain things when they happen. But when it comes to leaving them unattended or alone for some time, it is scary. Their favorite human, the alpha of the pack, is nowhere to be seen. They can smell you, they feel your scent all over the place but you are gone! Naturally, they fall into despair. Despair leads to anxiety, which may or may not lead to destructive behavior.

Just like the tiny, furry kids that they are, dogs are capable of such elaborate messes, poking their noses where they don’t belong and then dragging that stuff all over the place. It is an art form we would really love to never see in our homes.

Still, sometimes you just have to go out of your home and leave your dog behind. The pooch is bored, lonely or out of its mind that you are gone, never to come back. So they fall into despair and resort to some pretty wicked things to bring you back. And what happens when you do?

These dogs definitely have a lot of explaining to do when their parents get home! Some of these pups know that they've done something wrong, while others are happily oblivious to their huge mess! Or they just think that the whole reason you are back and standing right in front of them is because you could hear/feel/sense this magnificent work of art that they have created. And just for you!

To this day, we still cannot figure out what is it with dogs and garbage bins. It doesn’t smell appetizing in there at all! But when they emerge with the lid of the bin stuck on their necks, or worse, on their bellies, all we have left to do is laugh and hope the pet comes out unharmed.

If it is not the trash can, then it is definitely the pantry. Or some poor decoration that smells just like you. Naturally, they would like for it to be close to them. It seems that our sweet, loving canine companion will stop at nothing to get what they want when you are not there to keep them at bay. If you have not come back home one afternoon around christmas to find your favorite ornament shattered or chewed up, consider yourself lucky. Daisy’s owner was far less so, but his dog showed such incredible remorse, we kinds felt bad for her as well.

If you ever heard of the expression “puppy dog eyes”, but have no clue as to what that looks like, well this big black pooch will show you just that! He may be a full grown, adult dog, but he has mastered the art of puppy dog eyes. It really comes in handy after you have made a massive mess in the kitchen and Mom catches you in the act!

No matter the case, you won't be able to keep from laughing out loud at these hilarious dog shaming moments.

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