This Might Just Be The World's Luckiest Dog

TipHeroPublished: September 16, 2016Updated: September 17, 2016161,901 views
Published: September 16, 2016Updated: September 17, 2016

There are lot of dogs out there considered as the ‘Luckiest Dog In The World’, such as dogs enjoying fun games, rescued puppies from abuse and so on. We bet you've seen so many different dog videos in many different situations, but we're definitely sure you've never seen a situation similar to this one in the video. And it's guaranteed to blow your mind! This may be the luckiest dog in the world. Why? You'll find out soon.

There's a saying that goes like this - sometimes, it's good to take the road less traveled. And on many occasions, it's the better way. This doggo was born under a lucky star , and we can assure you of that ! The small black and white dog was walking on the track of Codasur 2016 Rally in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. He is pacing faster as he hears the crowd yelling and cheering. The racing car, driven by Uruguayan man Fernando Zuasnabar approaches the curve where the pup walks. The car slightly stumbles and it jumps in the air, missing the lucky puppy for only a few inches! Just how unbelievable is this? After fortune smiles at this dog, a policeman chases him in attempt to get him of the race track.

Did your heart stopped while watching this video? We don't even want to think what could have happened if the racing car hit the pooch. We are very happy he is fine and unharmed!

Here's to having a little luck in your day!

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