Adorable Bulldog Reacts When His Favorite Buddy Suddenly Disappears

Published September 15, 2016 347,001 Views

Rumble When we leave our pets at home alone, it is basically like we disappeared into thin air, never to be seen again. As a pack leader, they look up to us for protection and guidance, so who will be there for them when we are gone? It is only natural that they get confused and scared.

A father and son took some diabolical advantage to the fact that their Boxer Rocky was deeply attached to the boy. While out for some outdoor fun, they came across a massive pile of foliage gathered under a wall. The human knew it is a hollow pile, but the pup doesn’t seem to know this.

So the dad encourages his son to jump into the pile, as any kid would love to, telling him that Rocky just might jump in there after him. And sure enough, the boy jump and the Boxer looks in the direction his favorite human disappeared, frantically looking for him.

“Where’d he go, Rocky?" asks the dad, while the dog looks for the kid, hoping he will come out. But when the boy rustled the leave he fell under, Rocky didn’t even think for a second; he just takes a step and plunges into the pile, right after his owner. There he is, thank goodness he found him!

Dependable and predictable, the bulldog is a wonderful family pet and loving to most children. In case you're in the market for an oversized lap pooch, an English bulldog might want to make your associate. He may look fierce to the uninitiated, yet that is only a front. He needs simply to be your closest companion - alongside great dinners, obviously.

Despite the fact that his hundreds of years prior predecessors were reared for bull-baiting, fanciers since the mid-nineteenth century have intentionally reproduced hostility out of the English Bulldog. In case you're searching for a quiet, friendly house pooch, the bulldog can fill the bill. In any case, this dog needs much care and blossoms with consideration.

They also know how to be friends with other animals! Want proof? This bossy bulldog takes her horse best friend by the rope to lead him on a walk. How cute!

A heartwarming footage has emerged of an adorable baby bulldog leading on his horse best friend on a walk. Amazingly, the large horse follows the little pup for a relaxing stroll, taking on pup’s lead!

Witnessing the incredible friendship between two different species is always exciting, and for this pup and her horse, a casual walk can turn into a day full of fun and run. The footage was filmed on March 23, 2017, and shows the loving baby bulldog tugging on a thick green rope hanging from a brown horse’s harness. She is so confident as she guides the horse out of the stable!

Watch as the pup takes the green rope between her teeth and starts walking the horse. Eventually, the horse realizes that she is trying to guide him for a relaxing walk and he decides to go along with her silliness.