Adorable Baby Masters The Art Of Funny Faces

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Published: September 14, 2016

It’s really hard not to love babies. They have a way of brightening up your day with just a smile. They’re the instant mood booster you are looking for and they never seize to amaze us.

This tiny tot named Billy is the perfect example of why we love babies so much. Usually it takes a lot to get a reaction out of a baby, although, you might be one of the few lucky ones that actually don’t have to try so hard. The thing is, you need to be interesting or funny. Babies tend to react to glasses, beards, colors, funny faces, basically anything that is new to them. Their curiosity is the surefire way to make them like you and get a reaction out of them.

However, Billy is one step ahead of his game. This young boy seems to have figured it all out and has become the perfect entertainment for his family. Instead of being entertained, he is the one providing the amusement. He starts by smiling, then he scrunches his eyebrows like he’s deep in thought. He then continues by scrunching up his face like he is in deep agony, only to revert to a Cheshire grin in a matter of seconds.

Seems like we’re seeing a new actor in the making.

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