Intense ASMR HYPNOSIS for Sleep & Anxiety ~ Visual & Binaural Dreams ~ Virtual Massage

frenchaccentasmrPublished: September 14, 2016Updated: September 16, 2016328 views
Published: September 14, 2016Updated: September 16, 2016

Today to help you to sleep I embark you on a 3 step binaural journey a virtual dream where you can relax and trust me with your rest. Imagine you can have everything and be whomever you want. Tonight you will slide into the heaven of a world where you are the one.
1- I will count until 10 to prepare the trip
2- you will receive a virtual massage while I bring you into a world where everything is possible. Hypnosis and virtual dreams
3- i will bring you back gently to a near sleep state where you can continue your virtual dream.
You will wake up positive fresh and ready to conquer the world
The world is your my asmr child so just take it.
Lots of love
Sleep tight

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intense asmr hypnosis for sleep