Camaro Loses Control On Highway, Recovers In The Nick Of Time

Once again we have proof that muscle cars aren’t for everybody. We know they look awesome and they feel incredible and they are a perfect extension of the ego, but it takes a real driver to be able to handle the beast that roars beneath the hood. With the torque they can produce, it is only a matter of time when a careless driver will become the one that is driven.

This happened on Highway 4, near the A street exit in Antioch, California. There is a dark blue Camaro out front in the far left lane. On the other side, a dark blue Micra is giving the left turning signal and changing lanes. The Micra has already changed the lane, when the Camaro decides to do so as well, to the right. The driver gives the signal, but notices that the lane is occupied and overcorrects.

The swerving causes the driver to lose complete control of his muscle car, almost hitting the wall of the highway and drifts around itself twice before regaining control of the vehicle.

Here’s what happened in this video, according to the filmer: “The driver of the Camaro attempted to change lanes not seeing the other car who had just entered the lane before him. He suddenly swerved and then over corrected then lost control. He was just inches from hitting the wall twice! and causing a major accident. Not to mention the semi speeding by in the next lane over. Very lucky!”

Stick to your Micras, fellas.

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