Adventurous 10-Year-Old Pulls Off Burnouts In A 707-Horsepower Dodge

JaredSchroederPublished: September 12, 2016176,139 views
Published: September 12, 2016

Most children grow up playing with toy trucks and cars, dreaming someday they will ride a car just like their daddies and mommies! It doesn’t really matter whether you’re talking about boys or girls; they both have a penchant for motor vehicles at a young age. However, some kids don’t wait to grow up so they can drive a car. In the video, you won’t believe your eyes though, one kid is not sitting around playing with toys and cars on the floor of his house. Instead, he’s driving a car and doing some burnouts!

Bet you haven't seen something like this before! Under the supervision of his father, who buckled up for the ride, this 10-year-old kid managed to pull off two impressive burnouts in a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. We have to admit that he has the skills and he is driving like a pro! He barely looks big enough to see over the steering wheel, yet he’s manipulating this vehicle like he’s done it a thousand times. He’s steering and pushing and pulling different levers and doing some amazing tricks and burnouts! Simply crazy!

Speaking of tricks and power, the Hellcat is the first Dodge to feature two keys, a red and a black version. The red key unleashes all 707 horsepower and every one of the Hellcat's numerous performance settings for suspension, steering and traction control. It is an amazing car! No wonder this kid has the wish and the passion to ride this car!

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