Stubborn Dog Refuses To Let Owner Leave For Vacation

Published September 11, 2016 139,230 Views

Sydney will do anything to stop her human from leaving. This adorable pooch takes control over the traveling bag and she is not willing to move a bit, not even when her owner is trying to pull the bag away. Watch her protest by refusing to get off of his suitcase. Priceless!

A man has worked hard all year long, earning those coveted vacation and holiday hours. But, when it was time to go relax on a beach somewhere far away, there was just one little problem standing in the way. His beloved pet!

Don’t you wish you could take your fur baby everywhere with you? It’s so nice that there’s stores and hotels that let you bring in your pet. However sometimes, that’s just not possible. The long flights, extended time away or extra costs of transporting your pet prevents you bringing them with you when you go away on a holiday. Even if it hurts to say goodbye to our pets, it sometimes has to be done. Well, unless you have a stubborn pet!

In this video, the owner of a little dog named Sydney is trying to finish packing for his upcoming getaway. However, his tiny pooch won’t let that happen and will use all her paws to stop him from leaving her. Hilarious! Sydney doesn’t want her owner to leave, and she will do anything to stop him! Watch as she hilariously protests his departure by being extremely stubborn and very cute. She’s one very persistent little dog!

Owner is just about ready to wrap up all preparations for the trip and the only thing he has left is to zip up his suitcase. Well, that’s not going to happen with this little dog around. She’s not going to let him do it, as she is standing on the bag, protesting against his travel plans!

Sydney hilariously refuses to get off the suitcase no matter how hard her owner tries to move her. When owner tries to pick up the bag and slide Sydney off it, she clutches her paws on the bag and gets right back on! It’s too funny to watch.

It looks like this owner will only have one option, to take her with him! Luckily, she’s tiny and compact enough to fit anywhere! How could you ever resist to this adorable face?

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