Porsche #4 | Looking for a 911 Mechanic Part 1

motolimeyPublished: September 11, 2016Updated: September 14, 20164 views
Published: September 11, 2016Updated: September 14, 2016

The Targa has been quietly hibernating for the last 6 weeks, since moving into my garage. After spending over ten years in a deep coma, at the back of the previous owners dark, dusty, insect and critter filled barn I think a little hibernate was in order. Mitigating the shock and trauma of seeing daylight.

But now it's time to go and find a mechanic... a Porsche Mechanic who can help me with the initial heavy lifting involved in doing a full rebuild and inspection. Way beyond my limits.

So, I found this local bloke and decided to go and check out his garage... it was shut. Nuff said.

But I videoed it anyway.



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