What Is This Mystery Animal? Is this a Fox, Bobcat, Dog, Cougar, or Something Else?

Published September 11, 2016 63 Plays

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsWhat is this mysterious creature I caught on my trail camera? I need your help figuring out the mystery. Am I looking at tailless fox, a tailless dog, a bobcat, a mountain lion, or something else? Watch this video footage from my Bushnell camera and see if you can figure out the mystery.

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  • BroncoBob, 3 years ago

    We have lots of wild turkeys in Northern Michigan, we'll be riding along a dirt road and come up to a group of them strutting right down the road like they own it, We wind up having to get off our bikes or out of our car to shoo them out of the way. lol. I see @ 3:06 the creature you're concerned with, it appears to be a 'serval' even though they're not known to be in your area. I'm going to say it's just a big 'Bobcat', definitely of the 'feline' family. The next one looks like it could be the offspring of the Bobcat. The one @ 3:49 looks more like another Bobcat, the reason I say that is because of the short tail, it could still be a cougar or a Mountain lion, I've been wrong before, lol. I'm watching this on rumble so it's difficult to click on 'like' however, I did subscribe to your channel here. I'm going over to your YT channel and check it out. I really appreciate your sharing of your videos, I enjoy them. Thanks. BT

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