Logitech G933 disconnecting issue fix!

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Published: September 9, 2016

Hello everyone!

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If your Logitech G933 Wireless Headset beebs and/or disconnects randomly forcing you to restart it follow these simple steps and hopefully it will be fixed!
First and for most if you have any other wirless or bluetooth device connected to your pc remove it and try the headset again!
also if you are sitting next to your router try moving it further away from you or if that is not possible change the router channels into the highest you can found on the router settings.
If the above steps did not fix your issue you will have to perform a software and hardware reset as shown in the video, to do that:
First you will have to uninstall the LGS then delete any folder
connected to logitech in your system files, to make this
process either download CCleaner or Iobit uninstaller, they both
delete the files and clean the registry so you can install a
clean copy of lgs, after doing that go to your device manager
and under Audio inputs and outputs(expand it) right click on
the drivers for your G933 and click on uninstall if there
arent any navigate to the toolbar and under view
tab select "show hidden devices" and look for the
drivers again there should be a driver for the
mic and another for the speaker in the headset.
after that is done download the latest version of
LGS from the support page install it with the dongle
removed, restart your computer and plug the dongle before
it boot up to windows, as soon as windows boot it will install
the drivers again.
Now you need to do a hardware reset:
1. Plug in the G933 to USB power.
2. Remove the left sideplate (on the mic side).
3. Press and hold the hardware reset switch with a pin for two
then to "customize audio experince" (where you can change the
volume and equalize the sound" in the bottom right corner there
should be an option with this written next to it:"if there is
no audio, turn off the headset after" if it says "change" click
on it and it might redirect you to update your frimwork if so
please do update it, after updating it select never instead of the 5 minutes default.
that will turn off the auto sleep mode.
This should fix the issue alongside the first 2 fixes to make
sure there is nothing interfing with your headset dongle.
If you have any further questions feel free to ask them in the comments.
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Iobit uninstaller download link:
Logitech Gaming software download link:

Command Prompt commands:
Cd\ (to take you to your main drive)
cd program files\logitech gaming software\fwupdate\g933
dir(to see what version you have)
g933update_v(your version here).exe \force

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