Puppy Realizes He's At The Dog Park, Loses It

bigatts1Published: September 8, 2016Updated: September 13, 20163,680,312 views
Published: September 8, 2016Updated: September 13, 2016

This is too hilarious! When the dog Scrattie finally realizes he is going to a dog park, he goes absolutely ballistic. He continues to whimper and move around in the passenger seat of the car, but his excitement doesn't end there. As his owner continues to ask Scrattie if he knows where they are, he jumps right into his owners lap while he is driving. Oh boy, not the safest idea Scrattie!

He starts to lick his owners face with lots of excitement, jumping all around his head. It even looks like Scrattie wants to grab onto the wheel, his owner isn't driving fast enough for him, so funny! I don't think i've seen anyone more excited for something in my entire life! This dog is at his favourite place. There is no better place to run around and have some fun. These two love each other so much, what a great bond they share! Scrattie is definitely happy that this man is his owner, he brought him to the dog park, awesome!

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    Mazdaman · 1 year ago

    LOL That is to funny.

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    Jabad18 · 1 year ago

    What breed is that dog?? My dog looks exactly like him