Davie Police Rescue an Abused Dog that was Dumped and left to Die.

Published September 8, 2016 1,332 Views

Rumble / Heroic AnimalsCrystal was found roaming on the side of the road on Orange Drive in Davie, Fl next to the canal. She had a blue substance on her rear end and open sores in the same area. One side of her muzzle was missing flesh and her ribs were poking through her coat. Nearby was a white tarp that also had blue residue that came from her coat. Davie Police were on the scene immediately to rescue her. Her condition was so bad that they called the department detective to further investigate her case. She obviously had physical signs of abuse and neglect and the white tarp left indications that she was wrapped in the plastic and possibly dumped next to the canal. It took about 10 minutes before the officers were able to get her safely into the police car. Broward County law requires that stray animals be taken to Broward County Animal control to allow 3 days for an owner to come forward. The detective opened an investigation for Crystal. Heidi's Legacy Rescue sent a commitment to rescue Heidi from the shelter. Crystal was welcomed into their rescue and rushed to the animal hospital for immediate medical care. It took about two weeks before she was finally healthy enough to be transported to foster care in Lakeland, Florida.
Crystal is one of many dogs Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue helps on a daily basis. Please consider donating to continue to help Crystal and other dogs in their care. You can contact them or send donations to their pay pal account... PayPal: heidislegacydogrescue@aol.com

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