Woman Saves Fox From Pack Of Hounds As Hunters Watch

rumblestaffPublished: September 8, 2016339,665 views
Published: September 8, 2016

A brave animal activist stood up to a group of fox hunters in order to prevent their hounds from hurting and possibly killing a red fox in Great Britain.

Fox hunting is a traditional sport that originated in the United Kingdom and was practiced freely by Britain’s high class until 2005, when it was banned. Since then, fox hunting remains as a tradition in some areas, where they use synthetic scents to arouse the dogs to chase, but every once in awhile the hounds will pick up the scent of a live animal and will decide to chase it instead.

Once such unlucky critter caught the attention of a group of hounds in 2012, long after the ban on fox hunting has been enforced. What could have been a very tragic day for the fox turned for the better when a woman activist found herself on the spot in the nick of time. Just as the hounds found the fox and jumped to tear the poor animal apart, the woman managed to fight the hounds off the fox and take it to safety.

Hunter can be heard in the background yelling “Leave it", which might insinuate to viewers that they are yelling to the woman to put the fox down, but that is actually a hunter’s command for the hounds to stop chasing it.

While a ban on fox hunting does exist, it is not heavily enforced. Hunters are still able to kill foxes without receiving punishment.

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