Baby Girl Performs Musical Duet With Boxer Best Friend

7 years ago

Every kid needs a friend. Sure, we’ve got siblings for that, but a dog can be the best friend! Especially if they grow up together, the bond can be as deep and unique as between siblings. That dog will teach your child the most fundamental principles of life, like unconditional love, sharing and fair play.

Plus, they can be hilarious partners in crime! Spilt milk on the floor? No problem! Got dirt in a flower pot? Heck yeah! But the ultimate way a dog can be the best friend for a kid is when the subject of music is mentioned! Just give them any musical instrument and hit record, because you might catch something as sensational as this!

If some of you have learned to play the piano as kids but didn’t have such an extraordinary sidekick to sing along, we apologize. We did not wish to rub salt on your wounds. However, we strongly encourage you to give these two a good listen and then share with the rest of your musically endowed friends.

This baby girl and her friend boxer really know how to hit a note! She give the pooch a few to warm up his vocal chords and the pup obliges with amazing enthusiasm! While she is sitting at her piano, banging along and already having a blast, the family boxer decides he wants in on the excitement too! From the moment the baby girl hits a few keys on her mini, green piano, she faces the dog and her face is saying, “Ok! Sing!” Pup needs a little more encouragement, so she hits the keys again. Pup does the cute little doggy head tilt, and next thing you know, he starts howling to the girl’s piano playing. We can watch them all day long!

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