Two Carpet Pythons Measure Their Strength On A Balcony In Australia

7 years ago

An Australian mom and her toddler son got a slithery surprise when they looked out of the window on the first bday of September.

Rebecca Beale from Goonengerry in New South Wales, Australia, said the two pythons fell off the roof of her house on September 1, which many Aussies consider to be the first day of spring.

Beale said she and her little ankle biter watched with a mixture of fascination and disgust as the snakes had a bona fine go at each other.

Unfortunately, according to Beale, her son learned a few new swear words as the hypnotic sight of two male carpet pythons having a barney played out on her back porch.

Carpet pythons are native to Australia and can grow up to 13 feet long. They live on a diet of small mammals, birds and lizards, though incidents of them swallowing small dogs and little blonde Australian boys are not unheard of. Or so we were told...

The two snakes were happy to fight it out when they thought no one else was watching. But as the pythons came to realize they weren’t alone, the two supreme predators seemed to lose interest in one other.

These instances aren’t a rare occurrence in Australia come spring season, since it is also mating season for these unwanted slithery guests. They probable sense some babe nearby and wanted to show off. We wonder who got the girl?

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