Confused dog hates rubber chicken

deadlifter600Published: September 2, 2016Updated: September 6, 20163,578 plays$8.05 earned
Published: September 2, 2016Updated: September 6, 2016

Dingo is about to be introduced to a new toy, but when he finds out it's a rubber chicken he just loses it. Why do you think he is acting this way?

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  • 2 rumbles
    deadlifter600 · 2 years ago

    he really hates that chicken but sits there so nice and behaved before the chicken comes out

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    burger414 · 2 years ago

    I guess he wont be chasing anymore chickens.

  • 2 rumbles
    Sagewind · 1 year ago

    It might be hurting his ears-dogs ears are a bit more sensitive than ours.

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    ninam · 1 year ago

    I just lost my Logan (Carolina Dog Or Southern Dingo, Swamp dog, Native American dog, old yeller dog) they are great if you have allergie's as they are allergen free, so many wonderful trait's these dog's have, all have the same characteristics, they all pretty much look the same almost all of them with very little differences in the face , bark and eyes. Logan was loved by so many. If you look up Jane's dog's she has a portrait of 6 of them together and you will see how much alike they look, she also has a book she wrote on them.

    • 1 rumble
      ninam · 1 year ago

      contd... My Logan developed anal gland cancer and had the start of a tumor at 11 years I was given a script for pain medication and weeks to live. I would'nt settle for that so I put him on a regimine of CBD oil, liver cleanse, vitamin suppliment and minerals suppliment's, omega oil along with a partial raw food diet beef hearts, beef liver which I did cook med rare occasional hard boiled eggs along with wellness hard food. Logan had his ups and down's throughout the next 7 months but he did'nt have to take a lot of pain med. even with surgery they give them 6 months and I had that and a little more on dr. Dobias wonderful suppliment's I am thankful that I found him on line and for the extra time we had with Logan, he lived to 12 years my sweet boy. Not to critisise, the duck thing is cute to a point, but I could see your boy was getting a bit Upset and no sence in stressing him, as that is what I see happening, save that for a real emergency like a bad snake or intruder as these dogs are very efficient at catching and killing bad snake's, Logan caught a few, they are Amazing animal's to be around! Good luck with your boy, I know you have many happy moment's with him. Dont vaccinate after puppy vaccine's absolutely Not necessary and if they ask you just tell them that you heard that 1 rabies vaccine is good for a dogs lifetime and they have a blood test (titers test)if they push it, that they can do to check but they won't if you are matter of fact about it. also, look up

      • 1 rumble
        ninam · 1 year ago

        sorry for the repeat post... Logan had stuffed animals from different family members and he took care of them like they were babie's, he would even organize them but his very fav. was his first plush yellow ducky that we buried him with. I hate to say he was a hoarder :/ ;) but he was when it came to his babie's Molly or Abby would'nt touch them like they knew, however when Molly (boarder collie mix) my 15 year old who at the time, had pancreatic disease from a second rabies vaccine she recieved in to be spayed at 9 month's :( at the end she was pretty sick and Logan would bring selected babie's and place them on her blanket with her and he stayed by her side til the end such a loving boy. I could go on and maybe even wright a book about how wonderful Logan was.

  • 1 rumble
    deadlifter600 · 7 weeks ago

    the chicken made mewant to attack it