One Of These Siblings Is Guilty. The Way Their Daddy Gets A Confession Will Make You Laugh.

MatthewBlakeKellyPublished: September 2, 20162,664,487 views
Published: September 2, 2016

One of these two siblings is guilty of cutting the family dog's hair. In order to get to the bottom of
it, this clever dad warns them that there are fingerprints on the cut hair of the dog and that the
police will tell him to whom they belong. Taking this new evidence into perspective, it's not long
before the guilty party speaks up!

Someone has done a really big mess, but finding the guilty one here is a real challenge! These
mischievous siblings are to blame for messing with their doggy's hair. But nobody wants to take
the blame!

So, here comes daddy to get to the bottom of things, and he does it in a hilarious fashion! He warns
his kids that he has to take fingerprints from the doggy hair,and then call the police and let them
investigate this serious crime. The look on their faces when daddy mentions the police is beyond

Just seconds later, the guilty party starts talking right away. That's how it's done! Good job, daddy!

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