A Day In The Life of Adalia Rose: Sunday Funday

Published September 2, 2016 27 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesWe bet that you’ve heard about Adalia Rose, an American girl with a rare congenital condition called Progeria. The word ‘Progeria’ comes from the Greek word “progeros” meaning prematurely old. That’s the reason why she looks much older than her actual frail age of only 11 years. Watch this cute video and see how Adalia has spent her super Sunday afternoon.

Adalia is a social media phenomenon and a girl who inspires other young girls in the world to be unique and flaunt their differences. She was born in Round Rock, Texas and was raised by her mother Natalia Amozurrutia and her stepfather Ryan Pallante alongside her younger brother Marcelo.

This video is actually showing Adalia and a small kid driving a kids’ car alongside Marcelo who is cruising in style alone. The camera is set on Adalia’s car and she is taking selfies while driving. What a queen! The kids seem like they are having lots of fun together racing and driving on the street.

Later that day they proceed filming in the kitchen, where Adalia is going to cook lunch together with her parents and brother. At first they make DIY chef hats for her and Marcelo. When all the ingredients are ready and prepared, Adalia and her brother mix them with their hands. Both kids enjoy helping their parents do the meal. They’ve had cheesy mashed potatoes and cooked ground beef as lunch. It surely looked delicious.

Make sure to watch this video as Adalia takes a tour through a day in her life and she shares her inspirational journey with us. She's so awesome!