Sweet Baby Proves That Bubble Baths Are Really Fun

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Published: August 31, 2016

There are so many things to look forward to when the baby gets home for the first time. Sure, there are the sleepless nights, the feeding every couple of hours, the colic and the poop, but all those things get overshadowed by the multitude of sweet moments that parents share with the tiny one.

One of those precious things are the giggles. When a baby starts giggling, whether it is because it sees mom and dad or a beloved toy, it is a sound that resonates throughout the ages, making every little problem worthwhile. Then, come bubble baths and it is a whole new category of fun and laughter!

Who doesn’t love a good bubble bath anyway? The soothing sight, sound, and feel of the foam are enough to make us melt in our chairs just by thinking about them. This little baby got so relaxed, he started laughing whenever dad ‘sneezed’ a bunch of bubbles his way. His laughter is infectious, we can’t help but giggle along.

Mom has the camera on and ready to capture her baby’s adorable reaction to the velvety suds and daddy’s incessant sneezing. The baby is laughing so hard, he even throws his head back and puts his hands in its mouth, a clear sign that he is really having fun!

Forget winter wonderland, this is bathtime wonderland! Who would have thought that some soap and water could be so much fun? The grandparents will have such a field day, watching their grandbaby giggle in the tub. So cute!

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